Children learn through play - at Gemma's Child Minding Services there will be lots of games and activities that will not only be enjoyable and fun but will also be educational to allow your child to develop into a confident, well rounded individual.

There will be lots of opportunity for outdoor play in the back garden as well as indoor playing, dancing, music, crafts and cookery. There will be regular trips to the park, to play groups and soft play centers. All activities will be appropriate for the child's age and developmental stage and will be carefully linked back to the EYFS curriculum. Although some activities will be planned, most play will be child-led to encourage individuality and imagination.

Inspiration will be taken from the seasons and religious holidays when planning activities, children will be encouraged to include each other in their play and time will be taken to encourage their emotional development as well as physical and intellectual development.

All activities will be age appropriate. All children will be encouraged to be both independent as well as learn to play together and to share.

Staying inside won't just mean playing with toys - there will be opportunities for seasonally inspired cookery and baking fun.

All children will be encouraged to participate in seasonal outdoor activities and regular play in the back garden.